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Cheerleading classes for non-competing athletes

Tumble Classes

Tumbles are skills such as forwards rolls and cartwheels, all the way to back tucks. In our tumble classes we incorporate key drills to be able to teach our cheerleaders each tumble from the very beginning and leading all the way to the highest level tumbles. Our tumble classes are split into two, our beginner tumble class and our advanced tumble class.

Flexibility Class

Our flexibility class is where our cheerleaders learn how to stretch and condition their muscles to be able to perform key skills such as the splits. When it comes to cheerleading, learning flexibility skills can help massively when it comes to tumbles and jumps. You do not already have to be flexible to join cheerleading, this is where we teach you to become flexible.

Stunt Classes

During our stunt classes, we teach cheerleaders different aspects of stunting, from side basing and back basing, to flying. These are key stunt skills that our cheerleaders learn to perform in routines, or just for fun!


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